Exploration, playing, studying and trying out are our guiding marks to get that fresh spirit thing.

Dragos Motica

Passionate architect and product designer, Dragoș has successfully developed products in the fields of furniture, lighting and interior design.

Ruxi Sacalis

In her work, Ruxi is exploring the relation between local identity and contemporary design. She is focused on rediscovering the links with traditional crafts, in order to create simple objects that serve as a background for our everyday life.

Studio 201

Mira & Codrin focus primarily on functionality when designing objects. The core of their creative process is the perfect understanding of the interaction between object and user.

Eliza Yokina

Eliza incorporates storytelling into her projects, blurring the line between childhood and adulthood with her timeless objects. Natural materials and an object’s ability to bring people together is something she is very keen on.

Anca Fetcu

Anca has a very playful approach to design, creating objects that awaken your inner child. The fun colors and curviness of the products make the user venture into a place of wonder.

Alexandru Ioniță

Alex’s design approach strives for contemporary and adaptable ideas that work in a dynamic society. His products are intuitive and lack redundant aesthetical details, which blend seamlessly with the environment.