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,,/” Lamp

Give your space an industrial look with “/” Lamp, a versatile lighting piece that mixes concrete and cork. It comprises materials inspired by the industrial facilities and construction sites: concrete, reinforcing wire, climbing rope & spool for high voltage wires.

“/” Lamp is an object that gives the user the chance to interact with the product, adding a subjective and personal twist to the end design. A subjective and personal choice. Even if it’s, basically, a direct lighting solution, this lamp allow you to finish it in your own way and get a distinctive feel. Using the provided stone, you can experiment with larger or smaller bits and holes. The more you’ll expose the reinforcing wire, the more you’ll get going from a direct to a reflected light. “/” Lamp emits a warm glow and it’s suspended by a coloured textile cord. Moreover, it comes in various colour finishes.

It is ideal for indoor use and it can be employed in a group or as a single piece. It is suitable for both residential and public spaces, creating a special lighting effect over any surfaces.


Design by Dragos Motica



Additional Information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 130 x 130 x 470 mm

The materials used were inspired by the industrial facilities, by the construction sites: concrete, reinforcing wire, rope climbing, spool for high voltage wires.


Concrete cylinder- height: 20cm; diameter: 11cm; wire: 4m; spool: 11cm

Light bulb

3 x 2W LED G9 (220-240V)


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