Ubikubi was founded by Robert Savu and Dragos Motica in 2014. The partnership is a spontaneous outcome of a fruitful preceding bond, the two already sharing a common experience in many projects they have worked together and found affinities. Ubikubi is the uttermost result of two overlapping visions.

The central idea of Ubikubi and the technical factor are organically connected to the experiences Robert has had. For him, the partnership was a good opportunity to take advantage of his extensive technological know-how that previously achieved at Ekero, a company specialised in innovative solutions for contemporary furniture. Moreover, establishing Ubikubi was a chance to fulfil a manifesto he already assumed over a decade- supporting and advising young designers endeavours.

Passionate architect and multidisciplinary designer, Dragos has successfully developed projects within the fields of architecture, interior design and product & lighting design. His diverse body of work is distinguished by a recognisable signature. He was awarded A’ design Award Gold medal, for the well known now “/” Lamp. For him, setting up Ubikubi came with the chance to fulfil his creative potential and to give it coherence, unity and continuity.

It’s not just about design, but also about production in this partnership between manufacturer and entrepreneur Robert Savu and designer Dragoş Motica. Their aim is to create accessible, simple and sustainable products, respecting the natural expression of the materials, relying on in-house prototyping and production as precious assets.

Ubikubi Founders Robert Savu

Even if he has a thing for traditional craftsmanship, Robert is equally interested in approaching innovative means of production and exploring new materials. With a background in fitting out solutions for both residential and major commercial and office spaces, he has achieved a solid production know how. Driven by curiosity, his aiming is to find rational and simple manufacturing solutions.

Robert Savu

Production Director

Ubikubi Founder Dragos Motica

Dragos graduated from the West University in Timisoara, where he studied Arts and specialized in “Product Design” in 2006. Passionate architect and product designer, he has successfully developed products in the fields of interior design, furniture design, lighting design, domestic aid and custom made design.

Dragos Motica

Creative Director